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Summer morning with the Ministry of Education
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This morning I was at a demonstration in Tel Aviv, which protested against the agreement between Microsoft Hot”m Israeli government, which binds the education system to use Microsoft products and an implantation head only as solutions of their field and a huge financial loss that could be invested in education if schools were using open source software. (By the way the picture in Ynet that is the right title (that you click to enlarge ^ ^) I’m on the left)
Is the alternative to successful implementation is free in schools? Certainly, the Association establishes source Linux-based computer labs and open source programming in schools and it works well and is free.

No more this agreement is bad and perpetuates the monopoly of Microsoft, is also improper and received without tender ministry.

More about the demonstration can be read in this post Ynet and Jonathan Klinger’s blog, and a demonstration organizer expensive.

At last
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After the horror I went through so nice to see something funny.

Microsoft is about to finish his Google in six months, just like they did with the spam and as they promised safe web!

What a joy.

Finally Nftrno Google.

Great educator Raymond
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Ma’ariv published an article about commercial involvement in the education system.

The article interviewed representatives of different companies that invest money in education, which I think is not because the interests of all commercial company is the first thing to sell no matter what you say.

Of course, the most obvious examples of this is Microsoft, and it is mentioned in the article, here’s a break:

Program “Information Science”, developed by experts from Microsoft and the Ministry of Education, should soon become part of the curriculum all schools – high schools in the country. Day program participants about 1,500 students, and includes basic content, as search techniques, Building and Planning view dynamic and construction sites, and complex content such as corporate intelligence, business intelligence and process management communication.

Microsoft is dealing with claims of being a monopoly in its field. Involved a lot of company in education raises no criticism of crossing borders?
Israel: “the content we give to students in Israel is not unique to Microsoft integrated technology, and we are very careful about this, especially as we are not the only company operating in the field. There are also companies that parallel programs, and they work in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education. ”

“No unique integrated Microsoft technology” – certainly, no technology is no unique to Microsoft, but Microsoft certainly encourages children to use in its products.

“Search Techniques” – I’m sure that Google but on MSN

“Building display and dynamic site planning and construction” – I’m sure that in PHP but in ASP, which is, you guessed it, Microsoft.

And, of course under Windows – if it does not encourage children to use Microsoft products so I have no idea what it is.

So you say, okay, Microsoft teaches children to use its products are market leaders and are in every home, what’s wrong?

So much could be you are right, I do not, but this is questionable.

But now it gets really bad:

“Organizational intelligence” – I have no idea what it is, but it probably has something that they were laying off 5% of their employees each year, it sounds like.
“Business Intelligence” – nice name industrial espionage.
Microsoft teaches children to use its dirty methods when they grow up and they’ll have their own business.

Definitely worth learning material.

I think that the Education Ministry should reconsider what he brings to school.

Come on gambling
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On 2 March, we were Friday, Microsoft is expected to announce something new called origami, according to leaks is a small computer small – we Gameboy \ Palm \ something like that.

This, according to the website the image above, to change my life (and can go anywhere, it seems).

So now the question: will collapse or not collapse demo?

Just to remind you: Since Windows 98 Microsoft operating systems collapsed during the demo.

I put on 56 pounds Turkish crash – who raises? Who compares?

(I’m Home, Home bet 3:1 for all joins up the total chance, and I do not know any more rules of casino So here ends parentheses)

Why is that good?
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Good luck today Microsoft released another beta of Windows Vista, with a variety of features not useful.

Tell me, for example, what is good;

Why would anyone want to move like the windows? What is it for? Why should push it in?

And once the system is out, everyone will buy new computers to meet the demands of Windows Vista.

And here’s an amusing paragraph:

Another interesting feature is the new login screen of Vista. The new screen is designed to facilitate the performance of daily activities such as transferring files from computer to computer, identifying drivers and setting Vista.

Seems that finding drivers and changing settings are daily activities in Vista, which feature amazing! Install drivers every day! In XP it was every month (need to reformat your computer). What a remarkable progress :)

Enlightenment, a control freak and Solitaire
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When I use Linux solitaire game very, very missed, and Spider Solitaire, both these deficits this plugin answered Lsoa”s contains several dozen card games.

This morning I sat down and I played Spider and pressed the key undo after I got stuck with no possible move to see what would happen if I act differently, then I remembered that card games of Indoos option of the undo works only one step back, and the opening of the new cards is done in two steps.

Why is this? Of course, to the evil player will not be able to cheat, not to open a card, do undo, open another card until he has the card he needs.

It could not be a player cheat solitaire! Then he sat down and sneer and think he won the method, find the loophole in the system and cheating the Microsoft. He can not be!

This is what having so annoys me in this society, the desire to control all user actions, the users and Indoos can not replace the home screen of the operating system can not change the menu structure except some system options and generally dictates not have control over important details in its safety or Microsoft in general terms, but that change your experience.

Of course, the example solitaire is silly and petty, then no one will replace an operating system because it does not give him deceive himself Solitaire (and Hflagain of the cards also works Bsoa”s windows), but the method of Microsoft, that her way is the only way and it must control the any action of the user, it makes me nervous.

Vista developers, here’s a project: Take the Linux environment KDE, enter the menu LookNFeel and copy all the possibilities one by one Vista, permissible, it is open source.

Only way of illustration, the wizard can be configured everything: what happens clicked on-line double-crossing window (Bweindoos do Mksimiiz), the order of the buttons in the same row, change the boot screen including everything imaginable.

Naiveté of energy
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I just realized that appears Bharst survey of Hnarg’:
The survey of Hnarg’

Left top looks terrible Bsoa”s, I do not understand the naivety of Hnarg’ …

What an old computer can run Word!?

We talk about it and a rose?

Microsoft Word?

The Word does not support more than two versions back, must always use the most recent version penultimate If you want someone to be able to read the files, then how Lazzl, are supposed to use it on older computers?

Surf surfing software grabs
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Hnarg’ reports skiing gold medal win by the Australian Winter Olympics suddenly makes so much noise, director of online advertising company is worth quite a bit (about 40 million dollars, big deal) and it is engaged browser hijacking and planting spyware on the computers of unsuspecting users and Indoos.

According to him, by the way, it’s just Fofafim.

Lucky he was busy Baulimida Bill Gates promised a secure website. Otherwise he could even lose money.